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Choose your pricing plan

  • ETA Basic Membership

    Every year
    Valid for 2 years+ 14 day free trial
    • Contact Suppliers
    • Payment Assistance
    • Receiving Products
    • Counting Quantity
    • Product Return Assistance
    • Free Warehouse Storage
    • Shipping Arrangement
    • One On-site Quality Inspection ( only in Shanghai city )
  • Premium

    Every year
    For this service, we usually charge our customers a 5%-10% service fee! ($50 commission when payment
     7 day free trial
    • Receiving products
    • Count product
    • Offer a free warehouse
    • Manufacturing Sourcing
    • Suppliers Verification
    • Private Label Solutions
    • Customization Products
    • Production Follow-up
    • Free Product Photography
    • Product Quality Inspection
    • Free Warehouse Storage
    • Arrangement Shipping to Door
    • One On-site Quality Inspection ( 300km around shanghai )
  • One Time Service (O.T.S)

    Every year
    For: 1.Good import experience 2. Have a stable supply chain
    • Secure Payment
    • Certificate Application
    • Factory on-site Audits
    • Production Follow-up
    • Full Inspection in China
    • Pre-shipment Inspection
    • 3PL warehouse Fulfillment
    • International Logistics Solutions

"Choose a Business Plan with Confidence "

We believe that every business owner deserves a personalized solution tailored to their specific business needs. This is why we have created different packages designed to meet your unique requirements. In the Read More section, you will learn about the features associated with each plan, and which plan would suit what kind of business the most.

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