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Maximize Efficiency & Reduce Costs WithOur High-Quality Contract Manufacturing Services 

Construction Engineer


EASY TRADE AFRICA provides outsourcing and manufacturing services in China tailored to the unique needs of clients in various industries. Leveraging our extensive network of reliable manufacturers, we guarantee timely, quality delivery at the most favorable rates. Our quality team evaluates every product to ensure that it meets international standards, while our supply chain management system ensures timely delivery of products. Contact us today to start your journey towards successful global trade .


Our engineers will evaluate your project, and if suitable will get back to you and will arrange a consultation call to discuss in-depth details.

Design for Manufacturing

Our engineers will do a full DFM evaluation,and if needed, will work with you to refine the design, aiming to ensure ease of manufacturability and assembly.

Mass Production

Utilizing our vast network of suppliers, we're able to assess the most suitable ones for your project. If your project requires multiple parts from different suppliers, we offer IP protective assembly services in our own facilty.

Quality Control & Logistics

During and after production, we offer Quality Control Inspections to ensure consistent output and identify potential flaws. Additionally, we can assist you with international freight and 3PL services.

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