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No matter who you are, you will never get your dream off the ground and sustain flight without go all in and the assistance of numerous, equally talented individuals., Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed by hundreds of people who have taught me, challenged me and inspired me to explore new things from early on in my career. 


GO ALL IN was written with the sole aim of motivating and encouraging young people to strive for greatness. To live life with a sole aim of influencing your generation and many generations to come. I hope that everybody can relate to it, no matter what your religious beliefs are. As a person with staunch Christian beliefs, I wrote “Born to Influence” to help everyone navigate life whiles putting our individual characteristics and abilities in perspective. Also, the other important themes of the book is stressing on the need to improve ourselves, get over our failures and strive for excellence no matter where you are coming from. To stress that you can equally make it with a humble background, remember that your beginning never decides your end.

Go All In

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