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Introducing our Mullein Leaf Extract, a high-quality supplement designed to support overall health and wellness. Our extract is sourced from premium mullein leaves and is available for OEM/ODM support, allowing you to create your own unique health supplement. Mullein leaf has been traditionally used to aid respiratory health, soothe coughs, and support the immune system. With our OEM/ODM support, you can customize the formulation and packaging to meet the specific needs of your brand. Whether you are looking to create a standalone mullein leaf supplement or blend it with other complementary ingredients, our OEM/ODM support allows for flexibility and customization. Take advantage of our Mullein Leaf Extract and create a top-of-the-line health supplement tailored to your brand's needs.

Mullein leaf extract_OEM/ODM Supported

SKU: ETAHS202406260019
  • MOQ: 300 bottles

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