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Today, EASY TRADE AFRICA we are busy loading our container ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations. This festivity are not just observed in China but also in many countries across Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and more. This period poses significant challenges for shipping companies due to production slowdowns, cancelled sailings, and disruptions in the supply chain. The celebrations, lasting for two weeks, demand careful planning from businesses to avoid delays in delivery. This involves managing cancelled sailings, delays, flight cancellations, and extended transit times efficiently.

This article outlines essential steps businesses can take to navigate these challenges smoothly during the holiday season.

Factory Slowdowns

Initially, production in China's factories will decrease in the first two weeks of January as workers return home for family time. This slowdown means it's tough to get goods delivered from suppliers since factories won't be shipping products to ports.

Production Halts

Furthermore, with most factory workers on leave for the New Year celebrations, returning only post-holidays, EASY TRADE AFRICA prepares in advance to help you bypass these hurdles.

Limited Shipping Capacity

Ports remain operational during the Lunar New Year, but expect lower capacity and a scramble for container space due to the holiday rush. This may lead to difficulties in securing shipping space, a situation likely to persist into February and ease by March.

Strategies to Avoid Delays

Easy Trade Africa International Trading Co, Ltd. (EASY TRADE AFRICA) recommends planning well in advance. Mark your calendar for the Lunar New Year, stock up early, and be aware of holiday dates in key regions like Mainland China and Hong Kong to manage your orders and deadlines effectively.

Staying in Touch with Carriers

We ensure timely communication to prioritize shipments and suggest forecasting your shipping needs. For urgent shipments, consider booking space on passenger planes, despite higher rates, to maintain supply chain flow.

Choosing the Right Logistics Partner

EASY TRADE AFRICA, with our extensive market experience, stands ready to support you through the peak season challenges. We're here to provide solutions and ensure your operations proceed without interruption.

By following these steps and partnering with EASY TRADE AFRICA, businesses can effectively navigate the logistical challenges presented by the Lunar New Year celebrations, ensuring timely delivery of goods despite the festive disruptions. Easy Trade Africa International Trading Co, Ltd. 

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