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The best place furniture markets in China

There are a thousand and one ways as to why we should love China. And you bet, one of these reasons should be furniture. For most people, furniture is the cornerstone of one’s home and the reflection of the homeowners’ personalities.

Whether you are going Victorian style like in Crazy Rich Asians, low-key, chic, rugged or cozy, Foshan is the place to buy your furniture in China. It is considered as the furniture capital of China where you could find all types of furniture from various Foshan furniture malls and Foshan wholesale markets.

75% of the furniture production in China is made in Foshan. Foshan furniture made a name because of its quality and designs. The international market has always been attracted with the variety of international designs Foshan furniture has incorporated through the years. The Foshan district and Lecong town is an interior designer’s paradise. Also called as the Foshan furniture gallery, Lecong is a stretch where you could find the top Foshan wholesale market and malls offering furniture collections for hotels, bars, restaurants, home and the office.

In this post, we will give you a detailed round-up of the best Foshan furniture markets. If you are around the area or visiting soon, here are the top Foshan furniture markets and malls that you should check out.

It is basically the most famous Foshan furniture mall in the stretch of Lecong furniture malls. It houses over two thousand Chinese furniture brands and more than one hundred European brands ranging from home, office and kids furniture as well as new Chines furniture designs, and home accessories like lamps and wall decors. The Louvre Furniture Mall also features their own furniture line incorporating classic and regal designs derived from Italian, French, Spanish and classic American designs as well as contemporary and naturalistic designs.

As a one-stop-shop, it is also a top pick for other leisure, commercial and cultural activities covering local and international furnishing shopping, art and designs, Foshan furniture markets, and a five star hotel which is also known as the “furnishing palace.” It is also where you can find luxury brands such as Bentley Home, Fendi Casa and Versace among others.  With these and more, it has been given the 4A scenic spot recognition in 2012 with its six artsy floors showcasing more than a hundred boutiques with 50, 000 square meters each.

As a furniture mall, expect Louvre to be pricey. But with its more than twenty display rooms, you can always look for a cheaper alternative. Furthermore, since Louvre houses small to big brands, you can always check out new Foshan furniture models and all types of home accessories since international brands are displayed there before any furniture market does. Just one simple buying tip in Louvre,ask the suppliers before taking furniture pictures. It is prohibited to take pictures because most of them are quite cautious of small retailers copying their designs.

Strategically located next to Louvre, the North Area is one of the best Foshan furniture wholesale and retail markets.The North area is a considered as a major center for office, home, living area and bedroom furniture. It is also known for their redwood and mahogany furniture. Like the Louvre it is spacious and accessible as it is also located within the Lecong stretch. It is very accessible and is open every day from nine am to six pm.

Being a Foshan furniture mall, the North Area houses more than four hundred brands of furniture like Furniture City, Jisi and CTW among others. Its main attraction is its mahogany and redwood furniture which comes from various production centers in China. This includes furniture from the reputable Shunde area where most Foshan furniture come from as well as from Shenzhen and Fujian.

Prices in the North area is middle grade that is why it is not shocking that it would be on the list of the top Foshan furniture malls. Price negotiation is quite important cause you may save lots of money if knowing the bottom line of the suppliers.

Comparing with Sunlink North,Sunlink South’s price is cheaper. Also found in the Lecong stretch within Foshan city, the South Area is one of the earliest Foshan furniture markets in the Shunde area. It started in 1989 as a sofa procurement center. Through the years, it was able to add four more major procurement centers such as the hotel furniture procurement center, the home furniture procurement center, the contemporary furniture procurement center and the European neo-classical procurement center. It has the biggest sections for sofa and bed furniture.

Banking on being the largest sofa procurement center in Foshan, the South area hosts an annual professional furniture show to source out sofa products. The event is done in March and September. Over 50,000 professional interior designers, suppliers and buyers annually gathers for the event. As such, it is considered to have established the biggest sofa trading platform in China with more than ten thousand order placements each year.

If you are looking for furniture at low-end prices, the South area is for you. Prices in the South area is cheaper than in the north. Aside from that, it has been revealed that the price difference between the north and south area is quite significant because the quality of the products in the north is more high-end than in the south.

This posh Foshan furniture mall like Louvre is also taking pride of its massive European and American designs but at a lesser price. It can be found in the Lecong stretch but not within the line of Louvre and Sunlink. This Foshan wholesale market is best known for their home, hotel, kids, office and suite furniture and is famous among foreign buyers. Although it is considered as a relatively new Foshan wholesale market, the Macalline already houses more than two thousand furniture brands including local brands such as Cheers Sofa, Zuoyou and Land Bond Furniture. All in all, its furniture specialties are classic, modern, and minimalistic designs.

It is currently considered as the leading mainland furniture shop and home mart in China according to an article by China Trade Business News.  The Macalline’s area of 140,000 square meters has been expanded to cater to modern design Foshan furniture as well as rustic wood designs. It is most comparable with Louvre because they both offer high-end furniture brands. Price range in Macalline toys from middle grade to high grade but rest assured that all items are quality ones.

General Buying Guides

While each of the mentioned Foshan furniture malls have different price ranges and furniture specialties, it is reassuring to note that they do share a general buying guide. Here is a list that you could follow if you are considering buying from these furniture malls.

1.If you are new at this stuff, it is recommended that you hire a local furniture sourcing agent to help you in negotiating bargains and in choosing the best wholesale center. But never trust the guys outside the furniture malls who will offer their help in assisting you in your furniture shopping as they are most certainly not legit.

3.The Foshan district is full of Foshan furniture malls, it is best to narrow down the type of furniture you want to check out or buy so that you can identify beforehand the wholesale centers and markets you should go to.

3.Not all Foshan furniture malls and wholesale centers have English speaking staff. So make sure that you can articulate your queries well. Normally they offer purchasing invoice as below (Chinese version):

4.You can always ask the staff to indicate the model number, price, delivery and packing, description and condition of the furniture you want to buy before actually buying them. This will help you in comparing the furniture that you are interested to buy out.

5.Take note of service charges and customs duties. You have to pay for the necessary fees for the freight of your items on top of the items you have bought. Make sure that you are given a Customs Invoice for your items once delivered.

6.Trucking services, freight and import from wholesale furniture center to destination points can be made in various modes. Here is a rundown of the processes you can explore to make the shipment and get your cargo on time,or contact us if you would like to get the exact total cost for importation such as China local charge,sea freight,insurance,your local tax and other charges and so on:

Other Furniture Malls in Lecong

The following are also some furniture markets which below three-star level in Foshan for your reference. Most of them are relatively small shops with low prices. Of course, there are many disadvantages,too.Such as quality, service, delivery time and so on.You can have quick check If  time allows.However, since you have come all the way to China, sincerely we suggest you purchasing furniture from reputable markets to avoid any loss.

1)Qianlong Furniture City 钜隆家具城

Address/地址: Guangzhan Road, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province/广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇广湛公路


2)China Eastern International Furniture City 东航国际家私城

Address/地址:Front row of Lecong International Furniture City, Shunde District, Foshan City/佛山市顺德区乐从国际家私城前排


3) Dongming International Furniture City 东鸣国际家具城

Address/地址:乐从镇121国道中国家具工厂500强批发基地对面/Lecong Town 121 National Road opposite the China Furniture Factory Top 500 Wholesale Base

4) Yinfu International Furniture City 银富国际家私城

Address/地址:Yinfu Furniture City, Lecong International Furniture City, Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province/广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇乐从国际家私城银富家私城


5) Nanhua International Furniture City 南华国际家具城

Address/地址:Commercial 4th Road, Lecong Town, Foshan City/佛山市乐从镇商业四路

6) Weihong International Furniture City 威鸿国际家具城

Address/地址:Nanfu Road, Foshan Avenue, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province/广东省佛山市顺德区佛山大道南辅路

7) Dongheng International Furniture City 东恒国际家具城

Address/地址: Front row of Lecong International Furniture City, Shunde District, Foshan City/佛山市顺德区乐从国际家私城前排


8) Lecong Tuanyi Group International Furniture City 乐从团亿国际家具城

Address/地址: Lecong Town Commercial Jiu Lu Tuanyi International Furniture City/乐从镇商业九路团亿国际家具城

9) Royal Emperor Jewelry Professional Market/御皇饰品专业市场

Address/地址: Near S82 Foshan Yihuan ExpresswayS82/佛山一环高速辅路附近

10) Southern Furniture City 南方家具城

Address/地址: Southern Furniture City, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province (Northwest of Hongxing Meikailong)/广东省佛山市顺德区南方家具城(红星美凯龙西北)

If you are planning a purchasing journey to Foshan,China but are quite confused how to save time and money,please feel free to contact with our company.We will help you make the trip easy and worth definitely.

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